Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

posted on January 26 2015

Homemade super-moist chocolate cupcakes, topped with with creamy mint chocolate chip frosting. 

Mint chocolate chip ice cream in cupcake form. Mind blown.

YES, it tastes like ice cream. Unreal.

Today's cupcake are SO moist (I said it.) It took me a handful of times to find that perfect "from-scratch" chocolate cupcake recipe. It's a very simple recipe, and it's one that I go to all the time. The ingredients are nothing special; just your typical cupcake ingredients plus the cocoa powder.

I've made these cupcakes at least a hundred times, and there's one thing that I can't stress enough: do not over bake the cupcakes. Please, I'm begging you, don't. Over baking will give the cupcakes a dry, crumbly texture. Yuck, no one wants that. I took these cupcakes out at exactly 16 minutes, but start checking them at 14 minutes. Stick a toothpick into the center of the cupcakes, if they come out *mostly* clean (or completely), they are done....

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Honey Nut Granola

posted on January 23 2015

Say hello to the best make-ahead breakfast. Pair it with yogurt, milk or smoothie!

If you are like me, you need a quick bite to eat before leaving the house in morning. I am always looking for simple go-to breakfast ideas. GRANOLA.

Homemade granola is SO much easier than you would think. Not only is it cheaper, but it's 100% healthier. You are controlling the ingredients: nothing crazy or unnecessary added sugars or preservatives.

To sum it up: it's easy, it's crunchy, it's tasty. And, it'll be gone quick. The batch I made earlier this week was gone in 24 hours.

I always stick to the basics which is typically oats, variety of nuts, dried fruit, raisins, maple syrup or honey (or both), and coconut oil. It's great because you can customize the ingredients based on what you are craving or what you have on hand. You can literally replace almost any ingredient. Prefer walnuts over almonds? Cashews more than peanuts? Craisins over raisins? Go for...

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Whoopie Pie Cupcakes

posted on January 21 2015

A super moist chocolate cupcake, bursting at the seams with marshmallow buttercream topped with a chocolate drizzle. This cupcake will be your new favorite.

This might just be the best thing I have ever made. Scratch that. It is the best thing I have ever made.

Sometimes the simplest recipe is your all time favorite. 100% true.

I had every intention of making a cake, but I figured most people don't have two cake pans on hand which would then require them to bake, cool then bake, cool again. Too much work. Making it simple, I turned it into a cupcake.

A super moist chocolate cupcake, bursting at the seams with marshmallow buttercream. Oh, that marshmallow buttercream... we'll get to that in a minute. I may have dreams about it tonight.

Key ingredients.

 Vegetable oil. I typically don't use oil in cupcakes, but it worked so well this time around. It keeps this cupcake so moist (I said it.) without making it oily.

Yogurt. I can't really think of...

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Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pops

posted on January 18 2015

Pretty shades of pink are popping up everywhere for Valentine's Day. Here is a easy, no-bake treat to enjoy on the pinkest day of the year!

Here's a super easy Valentine's Day no-bake treat! These are a perfect quick treat, and easy enough for little ones to help too! We are going to take a big dip in chocolate.

I used store bought regular size marshmallows, dipped them in chocolate and decorated with Valentine's sprinkles. Simple enough. Can I even call this a recipe? Not sure, but I am.

Now, lets dive in.↓

Only four items are needed for these:

(1) Marshmallows

(2) Chocolate

(3) Sprinkles

(4) Lollipop/cake pop sticks

That's it. Really.

Enjoy the pinkest day of the year with these marshmallow pops!

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Chocolate Maple Bacon Bourbon Cupcakes

posted on January 16 2015

Get cupcake drunk with these super moist, sweet, salty and boozy combo! Eat responsibly.

Important. These cupcakes are for adults 21 years+. All of the alcohol does not burn off during the baking process.

I get asked all the time where all these goodies end up. I'll tell ya, Chris' co-workers. They love every bit of it. I'm always told that they want over-the-top cupcakes. Challenge accepted. And, it's a cupcake recipe that requires no mixer! Just a whisk and a bowl. 

Now, lets dive right in.↓

Where to start? Ah, that super moist chocolate bourbon cupcake. It's well... to die for. The perfect combination of ingredients, along with a perfect bake time.

These cupcakes call for a half cup of bourbon. It may sound like a lot, but it's worth every bit of that half cup. If you aren't into such a strong flavor of bourbon, simply cut that amount in half and supplement the difference with 1%, 2% or whole milk.

Moving on...


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